Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #14- Droop!


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #14 – Droop.

Mark Taylor started a Facebook Fan Page sometime back in 2009. This page started out as an admiration for the man they call Droop and ended up turning into something much bigger. Fans from across the world have liked the page. People posting Droop sightings throughout the Parish. Occasionally snapping a picture of him at the local Wal-Mart or just riding along Black Bayou Rd. Over the years the page kind of took on a life of its own. Droop has gotten older and he is not able to get around as well as he used to. After a car accident in July of 2016 many people in the Parish heard about Droop being hit by a car. The Parish rallied around their beloved Droop; getting him a recliner chair and other supplies he may need while he recovered.

What I love about our community of Ascension Parish is our ability to see the humility in people. We as a community truly care and show this to Droop when he is in need. With the help of Mark Taylor’s, Facebook Fan Page and the caring members of our community Droop over the years has received a new bike, t-shirts and even a snowball or two from some young kids who were passing by.

You may or may not see the man who rides his bike almost daily, collecting cans or just taking a tour of his beloved Ascension Parish. Never bothering a soul, just living his life in the simplest way, earning money on his daily bike adventures. But if you do see him, make sure you shoot a wave and a smile it will surely make his day.

Thank you, Mark Taylor, for continuing to help out Droop and further the page along over the years. I know you never wanted to make the Droop Facebook Page about you but you sure have made it something that everyone in Ascension Parish can smile about. Just another reason why these simple acts of kindness make me love the Parish of Ascension.

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