"Your Real Estate Whisperer" What’s That!?

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I’m not really sure how other Realtors go about “blogging” but I don’t want to look like other realtor blogs. I just want to emphasize who I am, to you the reader first. I have often said, “I’m not the set the world on fire real estate agent”. I’m not looking to close 40 houses in a month, having a huge team behind me doing all the work. I have been and will continue to be a “hand holding” agent. I have tagged myself “Your Real Estate Whisperer” because that’s the simplest way to describe what I do for my clients. I love to work with people that are new to the idea of buying and selling, in turn, making those same clients into a relationship of a lifetime. Many of my clients have become close friends and I remember things about each and every one of them. Not one time would a client’s name come up that I wouldn’t know who they were talking about, because I take the time to invest time in each relationship I make with a client. Time is so very precious for everyone these days, we never seem to get enough in a day. So you can see how I work could benefit so many buyers and sellers out there. Home buying is stressful and if you had the agent that would call you just to check in on you during this process, it can and does ease your mind during the transaction.  I won’t say, every person that walks into an open house becomes my client but the ones that do become a client are a part of my life. I’m quick to respond to questions. My phone is at my side always and if I don’t answer it’s because I’m either with a client or I’m showing homes to potential new clients. That being said, Everyone gets a call back in a timely manner, never will you wait days for a response, I’m here for you. I know my job, I know my market, I know how to negotiate (my favorite part) but mostly I understand people and how they should be represented. So that’s it folks, my first blog post.

2 thoughts on “"Your Real Estate Whisperer" What’s That!?

  1. MPG

    Great job on your first post! Keep up the great work.

    1. yourrealestatewhisperer

      Thank you!

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