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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #31 Hollis Orthodontics

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Dr. Hollis Orthodontics! This Month Is Orthodontic Awareness So What Better Place To Meet My Favorite Orthodontist Then Dr. Hollis!!!! They Treat You Like Family Because You Probably Are!!! Dr. Hollis And His Wife Celeste Take Time Out Of Their Busy Schedules To Talk With Us About Why They Love Their Practice & Why They LOVE Ascension Parish!

Dr. Hollis graduated Valedictorian from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in 1994 and completed two full years of specialty training in orthodontics at the LSU School of Dentistry Orthodontic Residency Program. Dr. Hollis received the Chancellor’s Award for “most outstanding student” from LSU School of Dentistry. He was also the recipient of numerous other departmental awards based on academic achievement.

An esteemed member of the orthodontic community, Dr. Hollis is a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Society and the C. Edmund Kells Honor Society. He is also a board-certified Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, as well as an active member of many leading dental and orthodontic organizations, including the:

American Association of Orthodontists
American Dental Association
Louisiana Association of Orthodontists
Southwestern Society of Orthodontists
In addition, Dr. Hollis completed the Roth/Williams Center of Functional Occlusion continuing education program in 2001.

Dr. Hollis is married to Celeste Parent Hollis, and they have four children: Tayl’r, Mackenzie, Addison, and Easton. He has enjoyed coaching youth sports for the past 19 years, and during his spare time, he likes to hunt and fish. Dr. Hollis is a talented craftsman and artist who enjoys volunteering for his daughters’ musical theatre productions by building sets, props and working backstage.

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Dr. Hollis is active in the community by sponsoring youth sports activities and volunteering for various church and school programs. He is an avid supporter of the performing arts. Every year he speaks at local schools regarding orthodontic awareness, preventative dentistry and dental hygiene, and oral manifestations of drug abuse. For years, Dr. Hollis has been a sponsor for the Jambalaya Festival Association, where he sponsored the World Champion, Jeff Parent, in 2007. He is also very active and dedicated to service at his children’s school. He and his wife have served on the St. George Home and School Association, on the St. George Parish Fair Committee, and as the St. George Parish Fair Committee Chairman.

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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk, Episode #15- Chad Blouin of Ascension Parish News Network


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk, Episode #15- Chad Blouin of Ascension Parish News Network.

I was able to catch up with CEO Chad Blouin of the Ascension Parish News Network. Chad pontificates his story of how he acquired the little know online news source in October of last year after the great flood of 2016 that affected nearly 110,000 homes over the Greater Baton Rouge area, Livingston Parish being the hardest hit. One-third of homes in Ascension Parish were affected by flood waters according to The Advocate in an August 2016 article written by Andrea Gallo and Gordon Russell.

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As horrible as the flood was, Chad was able to be a voice for many in Ascension Parish when many major news stations were barely even mentioning the fact we had flooded. He acted as a reporter too many who were concerned about loved ones they couldn’t get to dues to high waters around their own home. Facebook was his a platform to get our voices heard and Chad amplified his loud and clear voice, in turn, the Ascension Parish News Network was posting his reports and his posts were shared hundreds of times during this period of distress. It opened the door for Chad to acquire the news organization several months later when the owner of Ascension Parish News Network called to thank Chad for his updates. Chad was no stranger to being in the public eye after working in sports news casting on many major news networks and also hosting his own radio show for many years.

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Life hadn’t always fallen into place so easily for Chad Blouin. Chad explained that he wasn’t always doing the right thing in life, but after giving his life to the Lord and following his message the doors of opportunity came his way. He lovingly explains that none of his blessings would have come his way if he had taken the direction that God was giving him. He truly is a man dedicated to his faith and expresses that in some of the logo’s he uses in his advertising for Ascension Parish News Network.

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Now that Chad has taken over the Ascension Parish News Network it has literally exploded here in Ascension Parish. You see it nearly daily in the newsfeeds of many Ascension Parish residents Facebook pages. With gift card giveaways and interviews of local businesses, Chad and his news network have really become a one-stop shop for all your local news and events. Make sure to download their new app here’s a link, New App Link Click HERE!


I was pleased to finally meet the man behind the now revamped Ascension Parish News Network. As for Chad Blouin’s future? He says he doesn’t really know, He just knows he’s going to keep doing the job he loves, in the Parish, he admires with the people of Ascension Parish that he adores and the rest will fall into to place as long as he keeps following Gods plan for him.

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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #6 Your Customers Shoes


This week I was able to catch up with the owner of Your Customers Shoes, Elle Robertson. She has been a big part of my transformation into the social media marketing world and really has transformed my view of business on the internet, The best part about it, she’s LOCAL!. She has focused her expertise for businesses of Ascension Parish.

To see the full interview of  “Your Customers Shoes” Click here

Elle Robertson dropped her busy schedule to discuss her new business she has started. Even though this is a new business for Ascension Parish she has been in the business world for some time. She was the owner of a million dollars company that she single-handedly built from the ground up and she’s able to pass along her great skill in social media, website and personal branding onto you the customer.

What’s In A Name?

Her clever name for her business came from the simple concept of looking into a business she is working with and seeing it from the customers’ viewpoint. With that information, she is able to tailor a website, social media, and branding for your company. In the sea of the internet, Your Customers Shoes will find your businesses “niche” by locating your target customers for your area. Letting your customers feel more connected to you and your business.

When you hire “Your Customers Shoes” how much is it?, (From the Owner, Elle Roberson)

********It takes 6-8 weeks to complete this adventure, depending on how quickly you respond to things like your new logo, slogan, and website design. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can reach more of your local customers and increase your revenue.

How much does a single paying customer bring to your business? For example, if you are a local daycare in Ascension Parish, then your weekly rate is somewhere between $120-$250. We will use the lower figure for this example.

Each new customer brings in roughly $480 per month ($120 x 4 Weeks Per Month). This translates to $5,760 per year ($480 x 12). This is just for one customer. As we all know, we refer people to the businesses that we know, like and trust. Let’s assume that this one new customer ultimately brings three new families to your daycare over the course of the few years that their children attend your daycare. This is a very realistic situation, as I myself have referred at least three families to my children’s daycare center.

Those three customers each bring in $5760 per year, and that’s if they only have one child each. Children typically attend their daycare center for 4 years, so this one new customer will ultimately contribute $23,040 ($5760 x 4). When you add in the other three families, the new increase in revenue is $69,120 ($23,040). The total is $71,420 ($23,040 + $69,120). That’s roughly a $70,000 increase in revenue for gaining one new customer.

I take care of everything on the list below, so that you can focus on running your business. I am not a ‘website designer’. I am a trained and certified Customer Experience Designer with more than 13 years of experience. I live locally here in Ascension Parish, so I am a part of your community.

If you are interested in connecting with more of your local customers to grow your brand, my greatest joy would be to have the opportunity to serve your business in this way. I love connecting local businesses with their ideal customers to grow a dedicated and loyal customer base. Let’s find your local customers together.

************via,  yourcustomersshoes.com*********************************

If you’d like to connect with Your Customers Shoes visit their website @ yourcustomersshoes.com or email them at info@yourcustomersshoes.com

I can say from own personal experience that “Your Customers Shoes” has reshaped my whole business plan in an exciting way. I’m so happy to have someone local to Ascension Parish that can help our community in this way. If you are looking for examples of what she can do for you, you can always visit my website @ yourrealestatewhisperer.com.

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