Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #24- Hebert’s Specialty Meats East LA. Off Of HWY 73 In Dutchtown.


Hebert’s Speciality Meats Located In Geismar Louisiana.
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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #24

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I was lucky enough to catch up with owners Mike Stone and Jesse Benedetto of Hebert’s Specialty Meats located right off HWY 73 in the Dutchtown area. When I stopped in they were busy making their specialty, of stuffed boneless chickens. This is not prepackaged meats here! I saw them for myself, deboning chickens and stuffing potatoes all fresh made in the store. The location has been open for about six weeks now but they are having their official grand opening THIS WEEKEND. Saturday, August 19, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. They will have free samples, give-aways, and James Gilmore from 100.7 the Tiger will there too!

Mike & Jesse set out to bring the people of Ascension Parish some of the finest meats Louisiana has to offer. With their specialty boneless stuffed chicken, handmade sausages, rice dressing and crawfish etouffée you’ll have a whole meal already prepared and ready to cook. Starting next week they are planning on making hot lunches, Mike and Jesse haven’t laid out the menu yet but I sure hope they add one of those pepper jack boudin balls, they are so darn good! Go and check them out and tell them “Your Real Estate Whisperer” sent ya! Hey, Y’all, if you share this video with the hashtag #boudindiet I’ll personally have a drawing for a $25 gift card to Hebert’s Specialty Meats of East La, I’ll announce the winner on my business page and tag you in it if you win on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 @ 12 pm.

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So…The Sellers Of An Ascension Parish Home, Not That Into You?

It happens from time to time. Buyers here in Ascension Parish find the home of their dreams, put in an offer they believe is fair and the sellers won’t budge.  It doesn’t seem fair to you
and your Ascension Parish Realtor® have gone over comps and studied the area thoroughly.  It happens, so what are you to do when the house of your dreams seems to be slipping from your fingers?

Try your MAX!

Discuss this with your Ascension Parish Realtor® and see if they agree with your plan to go to the maximum offer.  It can’t hurt to try this tactic if it looks like the comps can support the offer. You don’t want to be in a predicament where you make an offer, but it doesn’t appraise. If a seller isn’t that into you, they could just put the house back on the market and not negotiate the appraised price. Maybe it’s simply time to move on!

This could be tough if you are absolutely in love with a home but some relationships do need to be broken at times, even with a dream home.  To stand back pouting, crying and wasting energy on a house that’s wasn’t meant to be could make you miss out some great properties that come on the market, especially in our current market when houses go FAST! You just never know, sellers at times do come to their senses and revisit old offers. Yours might be one of them.

Don’t Try To Figure Out A Sellers Motives.

This just a waste of your energy and can drive you crazy adding unneeded stress.  Only the seller knows why they turned down your offer. You can ask your Ascension Parish Realtor® for more insight into the matter,  but if the seller is unwilling to cooperate, don’t get too emotionally annoyed.   

A Learning Lesson.

Take your experience from this seller as a learning experience when negotiating on your next home using it as a litmus test of the current market. Your knowledge can make your next offer stronger and less likely for a stubborn seller to walk away.  Ask yourself some questions before you go into your next deal.

Analyze what you could have done differently.  Could you have gone your maximum at the beginning? Did you take too long to respond to a counter? Did you ask for too much in extras like closing costs or furnishings? Just take your time, sit back and think what you would have done differently.

Losing a home of your dreams, to put it mildly, really sucks but I promise there are other houses out there that are just as nice if not better. I have seen it time and time again when a buyer loses a home only to find one that was much better at a later date making them feel like they dodged a bullet from a bad home buying experience with stubborn sellers.  I tell you all of this “Because YOU Matter”

Your Real Estate Whisperer

Kristina Smallhorn