Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #22, Louisiana Nursery Home & Garden Showcase.


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #22, Louisiana Nursery Home & Garden Showcase

Located @ 39245 Highway 42 In Prairieville 70769

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John MacMillan was kind enough to let me stop in and give the people of Ascension Parish a private tour of Louisiana Nursery Home & Garden Showcase.  This is not just a place for plants, they have got a ton of items for your outdoor needs.
Their selection of outdoor plants will work perfectly with our Louisiana climate they also have pottery, outdoor decor, wind chimes and bird feeders, the list goes on and on. You can spend hours here just looking around but if you need more help with your outdoor garden and yard their friendly knowledgeable staff are more than eager to help.
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John also said that if you have any issues with your plants they can help you with the correct type of treatment for them. Bring a picture of the diseased plant and a clipping then they can prescribe the right kinds of chemicals to bring your plants back to life. Such a great service to offer the people of Ascension Parish.
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If you’d like to call before hand you can reach out to them at 225-677-7984, They also have a Facebook Page (click here to “like” and comment) or visit their website
If you haven’t been here, you have to stop by, When you do, Tell them the Your Real Estate Whisperer sent ya.

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The Following Comes Straight From the Louisiana Nursery Home & Garden Website.

Louisiana Nursery:

Roger Mayes started the business from scratch as a family owned retail Garden Center in February of 1983 with his son Mitch, and wife Marilyn. In March, he turned over the lead position to Mitch, who now serves as President. Roger remains actively involved as Vice President. Their business has expanded to 3 locations over a 25-year span.

Louisiana Nursery has been selected as a Baton Rouge Favorite Store for 10 straight years by the readers of Parents Magazine. We are also recognized as a “Top 10 Southern Nursery” (#48 Nationally) by Nursery Retailer Magazine.

Louisiana Nursery is also proud of the 25 Louisiana Certified Nursery Professionals that we have on staff! Come to our experts for answers to your questions!

A Note from Roger Mayes:

LOUISIANA NURSERY was established in 1983 with one Baton Rouge location. The business has grown dramatically over the years to become one of the 10 largest independent retail gardening centers in the south. (45th in the US.)

We now have 3 Baton Rouge area locations, each with 2.5 or more acres, and each uniquely different. Our stores are definitely a fun place to visit at any time of the year.

Besides our year round stock of plants, we also offer a unique gift department, several collectible departments, and a huge Christmas decorating selection.

Our goals are to provide you with a good selection, good quality, and good service. We hope our web site will help you.


Roger Mayes

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Buying A New Home In Ascension Parish?  Five Things You May Want To Budget for After The Closing.

Ahhhh, the smell and wonderment of a brand new home in Ascension Parish!  The allure of buying a brand new home is second to none. You’ve saved for the down payment, inspections, and all closing costs. What expenses could possibly be left?  Read more to find out!

1. Appliances


Of course, the oven, stove, and microwave are there, but what about the washer, dryer, and refrigerator?  Many builders in Ascension Parish do not offer an appliance package.  Only a few builders do. Make sure you have extra money set aside for those appliances that are not included.  Very importantly, DO NOT take out any new lines of credit before closing. If you do, it could hinder your loan from closing on time or possibly not at all.

2. Security.


More and more I have seen homes in Ascension Parish that are not pre-wired for alarm systems. You will have to set aside some money for installation and also decide if you’d like to add security cameras.  You can get an estimate done prior to closing so you’ll know how much this could cost you. I recommend you reach out to at least 3 vendors to get a good idea of pricing.

3. Windows


As much as you love the amount of natural light comes into the home, you certainly do not want the neighbors looking into your bathroom. Many windows are a standard size and you can buy window coverings for a reasonable price.  Definitely measure your windows and see if standard sizes will fit, and make sure you don’t forget the windows on doors. 

4.  Landscaping


When it comes to landscaping in a new home in Ascension Parish, builders really don’t go all out to get them picturesque.  Many builders do not even sod the backyard!  They will only do the front and along the sides.  The remaining sod is up to the buyer and can cost thousands to have the rest done.  Make sure you have the extra money to make this investment.  I can tell you from my nearly 10 years of experience, If you decide to seed your yard instead, it never looks as nice as a sodded yard and you will be fighting weeds for years to come.

5. Fencing


I have never sold a brand new home that came completely fenced in by the builder.  If this is important to you, just ask your builder or Ascension Parish REALTOR® for recommendations for a quality fencing company.


Whenever you buy a new home or even an existing home, your previous furnishings may not fit with the floor plan or style of the new home.  Be prepared to possibly needing new furnishings but be sure NOT to do this prior to closing.  You DO NOT want to take out any new debt prior to closing on your new Ascension Parish home and new lines of credit can put your closing in jeopardy.

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