What Color Should You Paint Your Ascension Parish Home?

This weekend I took it upon myself to paint the inside of my home. I had it the same color in this home as in my last home, so I was tired of Sherman Williams – Utterly Beige. (Which totally looks grey on the walls). I switched to a lighter looking grey called “Shiitake,” again, a Sherman Williams color.  When I started painting,  I began to wonder what the new trends in paint are for 2017,  so I looked it up and now sharing that info with you so you don’t have to slave over the Internet like I did.

So What Color Do I Pick For My Ascension Parish Home?


The trend for this year is not to pick just one color or even one texture of paint for the whole house. Gone are the days of every room being the same boring beige.  Create an accent wall in any large room to give it a pop of color.  Dusky blues seem to be a new color for this year.  If you don’t want to use paint, wallpapers have been a trend for some time.  If you’d like to tackle that project I’d either have a partner help or hire a professional.

Pink? Really?IMG_0022.JPG

I’m not talking scream in your face PINK! This a very light, soft, romantic pink. It’s a trend that has picked up steam recently.  Again, we are not talking about changing every aspect of a room to pink, just the wall color and adding some pillows and decor to compliment the walls.

Needing Something Darker?IMG_0024.JPG

Many, will turn their nose up to pink walls in a home so why not go to the opposite side and try a dark mineral grey? These cool greys look amazing in a well-lit office, or as an accent piece in a kitchen island.  Another trend here in Ascension Parish is to paint the island a different color than the other cabinets.

Feeling A Little Green?

Well, you are in luck as two types of greens are carving a path into 2017. One color that really got my attention was a green that reminded me of years past, but this has a cleaner spin on it adding more of a blue-green cast. If you are bold, daring and love green it really does look amazing against dark cabinetry in a kitchen.  Once I saw it, I thought it might be something I might want to try.  After all, It’s just paint!

The second green that it trending is like the sage green of just a few years back, but this one has a more creamy look; almost a pastel sage. I have personally always preferred colors like this in bathrooms.

Sunshine Yellow.IMG_0025.JPG

When I heard this was a trend I nearly screamed “NOT ME!” but I would have been eating my words after I saw how they used this color in a room. They tied this bright sunshiny color with soft grey’s and creamy whites, making the room cheery and inviting.  I loved it so much that  I will be experimenting with yellows in my home,  mostly with accents, and painting the walls a soft grey.

A trend is just that, a trend.  Don’t think because its the newest and latest it’s a must for your Ascension Parish Home.  If you are thinking about selling your home in the next couple of years I would hold off on painting with a particular “trendy” color.  With that said, If you are going to be staying put for some time, PAINT AWAY!!

I tell you all this “Because YOU Matter”

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