Tea Glorious Tea

Tea glorious tea


I know the trendy thing is to love coffee. Every time I mention the fact I’m not a fan I get “the look”. You know the one where people make that face that shows they think you have some kind of major problem. Their face gets mildly less screwy when I say, “I love hot tea” which in turn usually I get the response “I just love a chamomile or green tea”. I try to hide my disgust for such the mention of these kind of teas, They do little for me personally other than make me feel like I’m trying to do some deep, cleansing colon treatment before a colonic. It’s like a punishment to my soul to have to drink them, Seriously, GAG!.

The tea that makes me want to open my eyes in the morning, that soothes my tummy when upset and warms my soul on a bad day is the black ones. Watching that boiling hot water pour over a tea bag, making that golden hue of lovely liquid begins my day with pure joy. (a tad over dramatic, but I seriously love the stuff.) If you don’t drink tea often, black teas are the dark rich teas like Assam, Earl Grey and Darjeeling. There are many other varieties but these are my favorite.

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to visit a tea shop in Baton Rouge called Red Stick Spice Co. They have many varieties of black tea blends (and even my not so favorite ones as well). The black teas they do have are super, mega, delicious. I’d highly recommend them if you are wanting to jump into tea drinking.

I buy my everyday teas are at World Market in Baton Rouge. They have many varieties of daily black teas, including PG Tip’s, Typhoo, and my personal favorite, Barry’s Irish Breakfast. It’s just a hop, skip and jump from Ascension in Siegen Lane Market Place.

I know that this blog post has nothing to do with real estate in Ascension Parish. I just wanted to share my love for good tea and where you can find some good ones (in my opinion).

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