The BIG mold lie in Ascension Parish.

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The big MOLD lie told to us in Ascension Parish
I fell victim to this scam as have many others. Days after the flood, a rumor was spread that the state and the Parish requires the residents affected by the Great Flood of 2016 to have a “Mold Certification”. As a realtor this verbiage made sense to me, I have heard it in my dealings with the buyers requesting a “Termite Certificate” stating that the home was free of wood destroying insects, including termites. Not a required form to the sales contract but is usually requested by many buyers to be done at the seller’s expense. As of yesterday, I learned that this was not true, just a rumor that was spread through social media and inspectors who offer these mold inspections at a cost of $500.00 plus dollars. A pretty hefty price to pay nowadays since everyone throughout the Parish have lost so much. I’m not saying that mold remediation companies are a scam, many reputable vendors in our area have been doing amazing work treating homes in our area but if anyone is trying to tell you that you have to have a “Mold Certificate” before hanging up your sheet rock, they have been misinformed. Quoting General Landry from Via said “homeowners are permitted to perform their own mold remediation work without any license, but special guidelines and steps for mold removal and prevention should be followed. Visit for more information.To report a scam or sign up for consumer alerts, call Attorney General Jeff Landry’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 800-351-4889 or visit”

Let’s keep passing on this kind of information to everyone in Ascension Parish and all of the Greater Baton Rouge area. Stay safe out there.

“Because YOU matter”