Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Ascension Parish Home Without A REALTOR®?

In Ascension Parish, we have lots of different kinds of transfers of real property. Some involving many family members. With forced inheritance, some family members aren’t even aware that they own pieces of land, grandmas old house or even a hunting camp by the river until one day someone who has taken claim of said property tries to sell it. This is just one example of a headache you can cause yourself when selling without an Ascension Parish REALTOR®. Below, Are three examples that the Louisiana REALTORS® provided for why you should use a REALTOR®.


There are a lot of examples of things we risk when we omit a particular resource.  Brush but don’t floss? You could be scolded by your dentist.  Going on a run without stretching?  You could get a cramp.  Selling your home without a REALTOR®?  This can create all sorts of different risks that can cause your property to be misperceived and potentially undervalued.  Here are three things you’re risking if you decide to sell your home without the knowledge and skills of a trusted REALTOR®?



Time is of the essence when it comes to selling a home.  The longer that your home stays on the market, the more difficult it can be to sell and sell at an appropriate price.  Also, the amount of time and flexibility required to prepare and show the home to prospective buyers is immense.  If you forgo the services of a REALTOR® you’ll need to make yourself available at a moment’s notice to meet with buyers, organize an open house, and also see to any inspections or repairs.  This is in addition to your normal daily obligations and schedule.   There is also the time it takes to market your home so that people know it is for sale and then managing the resulting appointments.

Negotiation Skills


Once a potential buyer is found it will all come down to price.  Taking too firm of a stance could cost you the sale, not being firm enough could cost you thousands of dollars.  This part of the process also includes a lot of different technicalities.  What extra costs are you covering?  Is the purchase agreement accurate?  This can be a delicate and detailed process.  REALTORS® have the experience and expertise to make sure you are well represented and receive the best deal possible.

Total Transaction Management


Buying and selling a home is likely the largest transaction that most people make in their lives.  It’s safe to say that there are a number of complicated moving parts.  Understanding the protocol of each stage of the transaction and knowing how to respond accordingly is essential to the success of selling your home.  Inspections, financing, appraisals, communication, closing, and so many other processes are a lot to handle, and more importantly, handle well.  Again, a REALTOR® is trained and licensed to handle these demands.

While these are only a few of the things you risk when you attempt to sell your home on your own, it is just as important to know that these challenges and others can be mitigated by using the services of a REALTOR®.

article provided by the Louisiana REALTORS®

Kristina Smallhorn, Your Real Estate Whisperer

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