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Your Guide to Buying a Home in Ascension Parish, Louisiana

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I’d like to make a simple offer to you in order to help in your home buying efforts. If you’re thinking about relocating to Ascension Parish, or anywhere in Southern Louisiana, I have a book that I recently wrote to educate you on the issues that can come up when purchasing a home.

My book covers some essential topics that I want you to be aware of, whether you’re new to the area, or just moving up:

• The Homestead Exemption Benefit and Tax Savings.

• Preparing to purchase a new home.

• ‘Redhibition’ and the meaning of As-Is in Louisiana.

• Why you should have flood insurance; The Great Flood of 2016.

• Extensive list of local utilities.

• Why sustainability is important and can save you money.

• How to find the best school districts.

• What you need to know about inspections and contingencies.

• Valuable advice to make it through escrow.

Whether you’re moving to Prairieville, French Settlement, Gonzales, Acy, Donaldsonville, or anywhere in Ascension Parish and the greater South Louisiana area, you’ll find my book absolutely packed with valuable information. You have many things to consider in your upcoming home buying decision.

The book is free, and there’s no strings attached. I respect your time and privacy.


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Here’s a preview of the table of contents:

Choosing Ascension Parish for Relocation…4

Flooding and Flood Insurance…5

The Meaning of As-Is in Louisiana…6

Homestead Exemption…7

Am I Making a Good Purchase?…8

Qualifying and Documentation…9

What to Do with After-closing Paperwork…11

When to Switch the Utilities…12

Best School Districts…13

Lead, Mold & Asbestos…14

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency…15

Realtor® Value in Buying a New Home…16

Handling Home Inspections…17

Tips for Relocating to Ascension Parish…18

A Few Things to Know Before Close…19

Final Thoughts…20

Helpful Phone Numbers…22


There is so much great information here about relocating to Ascension Parish, Louisiana! Please read this book before writing your offer to buy. Money and your next home are on the line. Thank you!

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