PHRESH Is Back On Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #35!

Back in March of This Year PHRESH opened up and they allowed me to feature them on Ascension Parish Coffee Talk (to see the original show click here PHRESH SOAP CO. #2) I thought it would be time to check back in with them to see how things are going here in Ascension Parish. Cheri Wilson took time out of her busy schedule (no joke this woman also is helping open a new restaurant in Prairieville “Industry Grill” right next to the old Check Engine building, FYI that opens November 10th) to share with us how the store looks now since the opening and some of the new products they have brought in since March.


If you are unaware of PHRESH you have to check it out their fantastic selection of bath bombs, fresh cut soaps, body butter’s, sugar scrubs and lip balms that will make anyone smile. With the holiday season creeping up on us soon enough, it would be a great time to stock up on stocking stuffers. If you have teenagers they LOVE bath bombs and we all know how tough it can be to choose the right kind gift for them. You can’t go wrong with PHRESH’s bath bombs and body butter’s that smell absolutely heavenly. They even have some shaped like cupcakes, always a great way to make a bath time fun. If you want to take a look at some of their unique products you can visit their website @ or if you favor social media they post on Facebook often @ they also have an Instagram account @phreshsoap



PHRESH Soap location in Prairieville is in The Ultima Plaza

37459 Ultima Plaza Blvd.
Suite E
Prairieville, LA 70769
To Call Them Directly (225) 677-7627

They also have a kiosk in the Mall Of Louisiana in the lower level of the mall

Ascension Parish is growing by leaps and bounds, PHRESH soap is another great business making our area a wonderful place to live. If you’d like a home close to PHRESH you can visit my website @ If you’d like to know more about buying homes here in Ascension Parish please feel free to download my FREE ebook @

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Your Real Estate Whisperer Kristina Smallhorn "Because YOU Matter"
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What Time Is Trick Or Treat Time In Ascension Parish 2017 Plus Safety Tips

What Time Is Trick Or Treat Time In Ascension Parish 2017?

I LOVE Halloween!  Over the years I’ve even decided to dress up myself. Why not let the kid inside come out for a night? Here in Ascension Parish every year there is always a question if Halloween will be on a weekday (If October 31st falls on one) or will it be changed to a weekend prior to October 31st. This year will be no different than any other year. Halloween will be on October 31st, 2017.

My Girl’s Trying On Different Costumes

“The Ascension Parish Council has set its trick-or-treating hours for Halloween. On Oct. 31, children can trick-or-treat between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. All children must be chaperoned by an adult. Those participating are urged to observe safety precautions, use flashlights and avoid walking on main or heavily traveled highways.”

Here Are Some Lagniappe Safety Tips To Keep You Safe This Halloween In Ascension Parish.

  • An adult should always accompany young children on the neighborhood rounds.
  • If your children are older and will be going alone, plan a route together that is acceptable to you so you know where your children will be going.
  • Be sure to agree on a specific time children should be back home, and make sure they have a way to track the time.
  • Be sure to tell your children not to enter anyone’s car, stranger or otherwise, no matter how tired their little legs may be.
  • Make sure to tell your children to walk only in familiar, well-lit areas and stay with their friends
  • Let your children know, as tempting as it may be, not to eat any treats until they return home (you’ll want to review all candy that’s in the bag; never eat candy with opened wrappers)
  • Be sure to check to see if all pieces of the costume are fire resistant.
  • Check any masks that are being worn to see if they obstruct the view for the child.  Be sure they can see properly to watch for cars and where they are walking. As you know, we have some rather deep ditches in front of many properties.
  • Add reflective tape and use glow sticks so they are easily seen at night.
  • Test your Halloween makeup beforehand! I know from personal experience that some Halloween makeup can be extremely irritating to small faces. My 4-year-old had hers off in five minutes after I had spent 45 mins applying it. As annoyed as I was, after it was removed, her face was as red as a beet, I felt horrible that I hadn’t checked to see if she was allergic to that particular makeup. So, that year she was a clown with a red face!

    Have A Happy And Safe Halloween Ascension Parish.
    Have A Happy And Safe Halloween Ascension Parish.

I hope you found this useful for you here in Ascension Parish. Please Stay Safe! I tell you all this “Because YOU Matter”.

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Your Real Estate Whisperer Kristina Smallhorn "Because YOU Matter"
Your Real Estate Whisperer For Ascension Parish, Kristina Smallhorn.

The Houmas House Haunted Tour In Ascension Parish- Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #33


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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #33
Let me start off by saying that I originally didn’t intend on taking the haunted tour of Ascension Parish’s Houmas House plantation haunted tour, but I’m glad my niece Jessica Robison and I did. We were able to tour the beautifully landscaped grounds for a good hour before the sun went down.  As it got darker, you could feel the atmosphere change. At every turn, it seemed much scarier when earlier it had seemed cheery and joyful.  The rivers that flow through the property became dark and murky, a perfect red sunset greeted us right as the bell rang for the Houmas House Haunted tour.

Houmas House 2

Our guide is an older man dressed like an old-time butler and was able to give us vast details of many things in the home paying special close attention to the creepiest of items. One of them is a large cast iron sarcophagus, he joyed in recalling the story of one of these opening and the body inside was perfectly preserved.  Moments later playing an untuned piano which set the theme of the rest of the uncomfortable tour.  We weaved through rooms as he recalled the many stories of the past in this plantation home.  One is the fact that the inside of the home was set for the movie Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.  A personal favorite movie of mine. The small cemetery at the front of the property is actually props that were left after filming was finished, the original family cemetery is now buried under the levy across the road, so no one will be visiting their grave sites for a very long time. Our tour guide brings us to many rooms but the creepiest place is not a room at all, its the spiral staircase where visitors say they see the ghost of a little girl named Mary.  Mary died of yellow fever and it has been said she likes to lean over the staircase to see the visitors that come to see the Houmas House.  As we crept up the tight staircase we were led to a room filled with dolls made in France, these dolls were made of the real hair and teeth of children and if that wasn’t disgusting enough there faces reminded you of every horror movie ever made.  Our butler tour guide said that at night after he turns off the lights he can see the dolls dancing around the room.  He smiles a sinister smile when he turns to the next room.

Houmas FB

If you have not been on the haunted tour at the Houmas House Plantation, I strongly recommend it.  I was unaware of its rich history and its spooky past.  It’s totally worth the trip. We didn’t personally meet the ghost of Mary but my daughter was creeped out throughout the tour. My 4k camera did quit working for no apparent reason but was this paranormal? Not really sure, You have to see for yourself.

If you’d like a home close to Houmas Plantation Home in Ascension Parish Please free to visit my website @

And I tell you about this haunted home in Ascension Parish “Because YOU Matter”

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Bump in the Night – Supernatural Haunting by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #20, Sunset Smoothie In Prairieville Louisiana.




When you are stuck in traffic, want a meal replacement or an after workout protein shake, Sunset Smoothie has you covered. Their large menu of custom made smoothie will suit just about everyone’s palate.

These are not the typical ice down smoothies you may get at other places, their recipe calls for milk and their own in house made protein powder. Not a fan of milk, lactose intolerant or vegan? They have those bases covered as well, all you have to do is ask.

Tyler Terrebonne shared that his shop added sandwich wraps over time that has been a big hit (I personally tried one and it really was amazing) Tyler also said for the super busy he provides a meal prep service. Perfect for the busy body builder or person training for a big event and doesn’t have the time or energy to do it themselves.

If you are looking for a cool down to beat the summer heat make sure to visit Tyler Terrebonne @Sunset Smoothie and tell him The Real Estate Whisperer sent you, “Because YOU Matter”Kristina Smallhorn

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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #17- Help Save Ali’s Sweet Shoppe!

I’ve always had a soft spot for young people taking life by the horns and trying to make a business at an early age. I met just that person this week, Ali Duplessis of Ali’s Sweet Shoppe, opened a Sno-Ball stand right outside the Tanger Mall in Ascension Parish. This twenty-one-year-old woman took her idea, own money and bought herself a Sno-Ball stand. She carefully made sure to get the proper license, approvals and lease from the Tanger Mall so she could be located right where the action is. As you know, It gets hot going from shop to shop around the Tanger Mall and she had the wherewithal to set up her Sno-Ball stand and do it the right way. Hours after opening her first day, she was approached to shut down the stand, told she wasn’t allowed to have it at the location she was given permission to be at but they would give her a special pass for a few days to find a new location.

Ali had made her business plan early on and made sure she would have the location she desired the correct way. Only to be shut down a few hours into opening because someone else had made a mistake, This is a costly mistake for a young girl just starting off in business but the part that burns my hide is that she made sure prior to putting up the stand. She HAD planned ahead, she did all the right things but that didn’t matter.

My goal for this young entrepreneur is for the people of Ascension Parish to rally for Ali’s Sweet Shoppe so Ali will be able to keep the location she worked hard to get in the first place. Please Share this video with everyone you know so they can help her save her location. We are counting on YOU Ascension Parish.

“Because YOU Matter”

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Bowtie Picture


Because of tropical storm Cindy, my scheduled interview had to cancel. In their place, my daughter came to the rescue and decided to show the people of Ascension Parish how the make the pioneer woman’s, Chicken Alfredo with bowtie pasta. Aubrey does most of the cooking after Sydney bails out to talk to one of her friends. Aubrey takes the position of head chef seriously as she explains all the steps in detail to the residents of Ascension Parish. Bowtie Pasta Pic

Cooking is something that has always been a way for my family growing up to be a part of. I’m so happy to pass on this tradition to my children. They both have been cooking on the stove ever since they could reach it. This has been such a wonderful help to me on nights when I get too busy to cook for them. I like having home cooked meals, they love stepping in when I get busy assisting home buyers and home sellers to make some of their favorites. The one featured today is on the top of their favorite list.


I hope you like it, just to let you know, this recipe feeds a family of four pretty easily. It goes great with steamed asparagus. Please give Aubrey a BIG “GREAT JOB” to show her support and be sure to like, and comment below.

(This is the original recipe from the pioneer

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Looking For A Project To Do In Ascension Parish? Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #12


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Episode #12, SLIME!

This week I changed things up a bit since the Ascension Parish schools had let out just a day ago. The first days of summer are always the easiest. Kids are not bellowing yet “I’m bored” but as you know, Here in Ascension Parish we have some pretty crazy rainy days. Kids won’t be able to go to the neighborhood pool or play outside with their friends on those days. So this video will give you an inside project to do.



I know if you have young children you must have heard of this craze for making slime. It’s all over YouTube and if you are one of my facebook friends you know I have posted pictures of all these slime making supplies often. I have no clue what the appeal is for the kids of Ascension Parish but they love this stuff. I personally am not a lover of the slime but it doesn’t bother me either. To hear them laugh and giggle, turning themselves into mad scientists in the kitchen, it’s quite funny.

The ingredients,
Warm Water
Elmers Glue
Mixing Tools
Shaving Cream
Parental Supervision


The ingredients in these products are pretty safe when used with parental supervision. I have read some stories online of children being burned making slime but this has never happened with either of my children. If this concerns you, you may want to have your children wear gloves (still wash afterward properly).Make sure to keep the borax solution away from eyes, nose, mouth and ears. After making your slime be sure to wash your hands properly. My oldest daughter wanted to point out that if you have a cut or open sore you may want to wear gloves at those times as well so that the sores don’t burn or become infected.


Hopefully, The people of Ascension Parish don’t want to kill me for posting my kids recipe for slime. I just wanted to share something I know parents could do with their children on a rainy day when school is out. “Because YOU Matter”

If you’d like some more information on Ascension Parish homes that you and your kids can make slime in, you can always visit my website at

“Because YOU Matter”
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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Episode #7, Galvez Hardware & Outdoor Kitchen


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Episode #7

This week I stopped into one of my husband’s favorite hardware stores. It’s located right off Highway 42 right next to the Sonic fast-food restaurant.

The warm and friendly staff are not the only thing that will have you coming back. They have a wide selection of outdoor kitchen supplies, Yeti products, replacement hoses for your propane tanks and grills and of course everything hardware.

Donna Bruno, the store’s manager was kind enough to take me on a tour, explaining to the Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Audience, all the cool products they have. Each isle has a new adventure of products and services that Galvez Hardware and Outdoor Cooking has to offer.

Stop in for yourself, There was no way to feature all the items they have to offer the people of Ascension Parish or I’d still be filming them. Tell them I sent ya. “Because YOU Matter”

On A side note, I couldn’t pass up on that pirogue and I got the green on for my husband to do crawfish this weekend.

Your Real Estate Whisperer

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Ascension Parish’s, Consign and Design!

Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Episode #5
Consign and Design! Watch it on YouTube, Consign & Design

This week’s show is about local business in Ascension Parish, Consign and Design, Located in Prairieville Louisiana off of Airline highway. (In the same Plaza as the Sunset smoothie and Little Ceasars Pizza)


The store is a super brightly lit space filled with pieces new and old. The owner Amy Trahan was kind enough to invite me to interview her about her unique concept for a consignment shop.

She features many other design items like chalk paint for refinishing old pieces of furniture. This type of chalk paint you can even use on fabric and it doesn’t need wax. Save yourself a step and try it out.


Looking for unique scented candles, Consign and Design has several different fragrances that match up with luxury laundry soaps.

The furnishings in the store change quickly since it is a consignment shop so make sure to stop in often, you don’t want to miss out and on your new favorite piece that may come in.

Looking for something completely different? She has custom builders that will take your idea and build you a piece straight from your imagination, not sure what you want? Ask Amy Trahan her design advice and work together to make your masterpiece.


All in all, this is a super cool store here in Ascension Parish, Just another business making Ascension Parish a wonderful place to live.

If you’d like more information on Cosign and Design, visit their website @ or follow them on Instagram @ atcosignanddesign.

On a side note, the piece that was featured in the video (the tree that was custom made) is no longer available, After my husband saw this video he fell in love with it and I bought it for him for his birthday. But don’t worry she will be getting similar pieces in soon.


If you’d like a home near Cosign and Design, visit my website

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What To DO This Saturday, April 8th, In Ascension Parish.

South Louisiana Crawfish Boil, Craft, and Car Show!

Coming Up This Saturday, April 8th, 2017!

At the Lamar Dixon Expo Center

Looking for something to do this coming up Saturday? Ascension Parish is hosting at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center the South Louisiana Crawfish Boil, Craft and Car Show! You can eat and explore all the different booths they have going on. The entry fee is ONLY $5.00 and if you have kids under the age of 12 they get in FREE!!!



There will be a cooking contest for boiled crawfish, a jambalaya cook-off, and crackling cook-off as well. For those of you who aren’t really into the cooking part of crawfish, you can always enter the crawfish eating contest. (I might do that since I can eat more than most grown men)

It isn’t just crawfish and Jambalaya, they will have shrimp stew and crawfish étouffée.



They will have 250 different craft booths! That’s a lot of cool stuff you can explore and discover!



Just like the festival’s namesake, a car show will be featured!

All the proceeds from this event benefit the Dreams Come True Foundation!

You’re not just spending the day eating and enjoying all the crafts, cars and entertainment you are actually helping a fantastic organization.

You can visit their website if you can’t make the festival and make a donation there.

I hope to see Y’all out there, I know my family will be stuffed by the end of the day!

I tell you all this,

“Because YOU Matter”

Your Real Estate Whisperer

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