What Is Naked Ownership In Louisiana?

Are you a naked owner in your Louisiana home?

In Louisiana, we have some funny laws. The ones related to naked homeownership after death can get pretty complicated. It can become pretty complicated knowing who owns the home after someone dies, especially here in Louisiana. Paul Rabalais helps me explain the meaning of naked owners in Louisiana and how these are the owners of the property are subject to the usufructuary’s rights. He will also cover the meaning of “usufruct”. the naked owners will become full owners at the end of the usufruct’s term or upon the death of the usufructuary family member. The naked owners are to receive the property or its replacement value at the termination of the usufruct. The naked homeowner cannot interfere with the lawful exercise of a usufructuary’s use and enjoyment of the property. After reading that you can see why it’s confusing for many people inheriting property after a death in the family member. This video covers questions like “Can the children kick a parent out their own home?” “Do you have to have a living trust?” and “Who owns the home after the death of a loved one.”

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