Ascension Parish Coffee Talk, Episode #15- Chad Blouin of Ascension Parish News Network


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk, Episode #15- Chad Blouin of Ascension Parish News Network.

I was able to catch up with CEO Chad Blouin of the Ascension Parish News Network. Chad pontificates his story of how he acquired the little know online news source in October of last year after the great flood of 2016 that affected nearly 110,000 homes over the Greater Baton Rouge area, Livingston Parish being the hardest hit. One-third of homes in Ascension Parish were affected by flood waters according to The Advocate in an August 2016 article written by Andrea Gallo and Gordon Russell.

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As horrible as the flood was, Chad was able to be a voice for many in Ascension Parish when many major news stations were barely even mentioning the fact we had flooded. He acted as a reporter too many who were concerned about loved ones they couldn’t get to dues to high waters around their own home. Facebook was his a platform to get our voices heard and Chad amplified his loud and clear voice, in turn, the Ascension Parish News Network was posting his reports and his posts were shared hundreds of times during this period of distress. It opened the door for Chad to acquire the news organization several months later when the owner of Ascension Parish News Network called to thank Chad for his updates. Chad was no stranger to being in the public eye after working in sports news casting on many major news networks and also hosting his own radio show for many years.

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Life hadn’t always fallen into place so easily for Chad Blouin. Chad explained that he wasn’t always doing the right thing in life, but after giving his life to the Lord and following his message the doors of opportunity came his way. He lovingly explains that none of his blessings would have come his way if he had taken the direction that God was giving him. He truly is a man dedicated to his faith and expresses that in some of the logo’s he uses in his advertising for Ascension Parish News Network.

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Now that Chad has taken over the Ascension Parish News Network it has literally exploded here in Ascension Parish. You see it nearly daily in the newsfeeds of many Ascension Parish residents Facebook pages. With gift card giveaways and interviews of local businesses, Chad and his news network have really become a one-stop shop for all your local news and events. Make sure to download their new app here’s a link, New App Link Click HERE!


I was pleased to finally meet the man behind the now revamped Ascension Parish News Network. As for Chad Blouin’s future? He says he doesn’t really know, He just knows he’s going to keep doing the job he loves, in the Parish, he admires with the people of Ascension Parish that he adores and the rest will fall into to place as long as he keeps following Gods plan for him.

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What LSU Football means to us in 2016.


new-lsu-picIt’s that time a year again – LSU football season! Even with the historic flooding that spread all over Livingston, East Baton Rouge, Ascension and many other Parishes, people are still hyped for FOOTBALL! They are putting up their mold respirators and mucking materials in lieu of the tell-tale LSU purple and gold. Last night, I was scrolling through Facebook, and my feed was no longer filled with pictures of homes torn down to studs and piles of belongings parked in the front lawn. Nope. It was pictures of Les Miles eating grass and tailgate parties of past years – purple and gold everywhere. It was so nice to see all this again. A sense of our community coming back together after we have lost so much. I guess, it’s the perfect time for our minds to be distracted for a few hours to see those fighting tigers take the field. We need this distraction to keep us moving and energize us in a way that only the people of South Louisiana can understand. The expression has been said many times, “We bleed purple and gold”. With this kind of theme running though our minds, of course the people of south Louisiana would be excited. One quote I pulled from Facebook last night really made me want to write this post. It came from my friend Desire’ Mann. It reads “The television is louder, the wardrobe is carefully coordinated, and everything is planned around THE SCHEDULE!! Geaux Tigers”! She nailed it in one sentence. No matter what this community goes through – hurricane, tornado, or even a historic flood – we love our Tiger’s, and nothing is going to stop us from watching and supporting them.

Of course we have a long way to go before we are back to the way were before the Great Flood of 2016. The Tigers hitting the field just makes us remember that we didn’t lose it all. We still have family, friends, what’s left of our flood soaked homes and of course our LSU Fighting Tiger Spirit… just one more way our house can feel like home again. GEEEEEEEAAAAAAAUUUUX TIGERS!! LSU!!!

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