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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk is a weekly show featuring nothing but the people and businesses here in Ascension Parish. This week I thought it would be a great idea to meet up with one of the many great builders here in Ascension. Mike Smith of S&B Construction tells us a little about his company and all the subdivisions he has been building in. Some of them I’m sure you have driven past, like Oakland Crossing, Maplewood Estates, and Oak Alley Estates to name a few.

S&B Construction-Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #34
Some Of The Subdivisions In Ascension Parish Where S&B Construction Build.

I met up with Mike at his newest fully constructed home that happened to be in the Parade of homes this year, Oakland Crossing in Prairieville. Mike takes the time to give us a small tour of the home showing the features that his company S&B Construction offers as a standard. Many builders would consider these items as an upgrade but S&B Construction likes to go above what others call “standard”. Each room in this spec home looks anything but spec, from the high-end appliances with standard wine chiller to the extra care to add detailed herringbone accents in the flooring, more details flow throughout the home including tongue and groove ceilings under the porches, with their signature outdoor kitchen. You can see why people would want to see more of this home in Ascension Parish.

S&B Construction Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #34, Amenities
Some Of The Standard Amenities From S&B Construction.

If you’d Like more information to S&B Construction you can visit there website sandbgroup.com they are also on Houzz: To Visit Their Houzz Page Click Here

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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #17- Help Save Ali’s Sweet Shoppe!

I’ve always had a soft spot for young people taking life by the horns and trying to make a business at an early age. I met just that person this week, Ali Duplessis of Ali’s Sweet Shoppe, opened a Sno-Ball stand right outside the Tanger Mall in Ascension Parish. This twenty-one-year-old woman took her idea, own money and bought herself a Sno-Ball stand. She carefully made sure to get the proper license, approvals and lease from the Tanger Mall so she could be located right where the action is. As you know, It gets hot going from shop to shop around the Tanger Mall and she had the wherewithal to set up her Sno-Ball stand and do it the right way. Hours after opening her first day, she was approached to shut down the stand, told she wasn’t allowed to have it at the location she was given permission to be at but they would give her a special pass for a few days to find a new location.

Ali had made her business plan early on and made sure she would have the location she desired the correct way. Only to be shut down a few hours into opening because someone else had made a mistake, This is a costly mistake for a young girl just starting off in business but the part that burns my hide is that she made sure prior to putting up the stand. She HAD planned ahead, she did all the right things but that didn’t matter.

My goal for this young entrepreneur is for the people of Ascension Parish to rally for Ali’s Sweet Shoppe so Ali will be able to keep the location she worked hard to get in the first place. Please Share this video with everyone you know so they can help her save her location. We are counting on YOU Ascension Parish.

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5 Tips For The Day You Close On Your Ascension Parish Home.

When waiting for your home to close, it can be a crazy time. The list of things “to-do” is lengthy. Packing, deciding what items to sell, changing your utilities, switching children’s schools, finding local shopping and last but not least, where the heck is the post office? These activities can often make you lose focus on the details of your closing and easy to forget things. Here are 5 tips to remember for your day of closing your home.

#1.Bring Your Drivers License.#1 Passport

Not just any form of ID will do, It must be a military ID, Passport or drivers license. Make sure your ID is still valid and not expired or you won’t be able to close.

#2. Call Ahead of Time.

two checks

Make sure you call the title office to verify the office address and the dollar amount you will need to bring to the closing table. You CAN NOT bring a personal check to closing over $2500.00, be sure it is a cashier check made out to the title attorney’s office. Luckily, you have hired an Ascension Parish local realtor to handle the hiring of a closing attorney to help with the Ascension Parish title process; review the closing documents and calculate the amount of money you may have to bring to closing. Your loan officer will also be there to explain what some of those closing costs will add up to. A few days before closing (as many as 5 days) your Ascension Parish Realtor® will do a final walk-through of your new home to go over the items on the repair list to make sure they have been completed and the home is in the same if not better condition as at the time of the initial sales contract. (to read more about what buyer need to know click here ( https://yourrealestatewhisperer.com/2017/02/20/what-prairieville-home-buyers-need-to-know-before-closing-day/ )

#3. Switch Utilities-

3 utilities

Make sure you have switch ALL the utilities in your name on the date of closing. You don’t want to be left in the dark minutes after you’ve closed on your new home.

#4 (My Favorite) Take the day off!

#4 day off

Closings get delayed often or yours can take longer than anticipated. You don’t want to make your employer angry because you’ve missed half the day to close on your home.

#5 Keep Those Closing Docs. Close In Hand!


After you’ve closed you are going to want to go to the local courthouse and file your homestead exemption. If this home is your primary residence you will get this state tax credit saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

So What Does A Closing Look Like in Ascension Parish?
The closing is defined as a performance of all agreements made by you, the lender and the seller, a means to an end of the purchase of a home. If you are buying your home with all cash, you will not have lender requirements, but if you are financing your home with a loan, the financial arrangements will close at the same time.
A closing involves the simultaneous exchange of document and monies required to complete the transaction. You, as a buyer, pay the purchase price of the home to the seller and in exchange, the seller gives you the title and transferred documents to the home; simple as that.
(Both buyer and seller pay their respective fees and costs to the various parties who contributed funds, services, or documents to the closing.)
****A side note: Closings can take as little as a few minutes if buying cash, or take over an hour or more for financed homes, so don’t make firm plans and allow plenty of time for your closing.****
So Where Do You Go For Your Closing Of Your Ascension Parish Home?
Your closing of your home doesn’t have to be in the Parish you are buying in, although it definitely makes it more convenient, sometimes it could be a few Parish’s away! You can request a preferred title company from your lender unless the seller is paying closing costs, then the sellers make that choice. This can be part of your negotiations if you are adamant on a particular closing attorney.
Not all closings are the same, that’s a given. Some closings do not require a closing attorney for signatures and may only require a notary. The difference between the two is that notaries can only provide legal advice or services on very specific types of matters. Another difference between attorneys and notaries is that attorneys generally must obtain two university degrees in order to be certified to practice law; an undergraduate degree plus a law degree.
If you’d like to know more about the closing of a home in Ascension Parish, I’ve done a YouTube Video with a Title Attorney from Commerce Title on my weekly show, “Ascension Parish Coffee Talk.” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0LUzFvtwb5B8EfVCF5uwg )

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