Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #14- Droop!


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #14 – Droop.

Mark Taylor started a Facebook Fan Page sometime back in 2009. This page started out as an admiration for the man they call Droop and ended up turning into something much bigger. Fans from across the world have liked the page. People posting Droop sightings throughout the Parish. Occasionally snapping a picture of him at the local Wal-Mart or just riding along Black Bayou Rd. Over the years the page kind of took on a life of its own. Droop has gotten older and he is not able to get around as well as he used to. After a car accident in July of 2016 many people in the Parish heard about Droop being hit by a car. The Parish rallied around their beloved Droop; getting him a recliner chair and other supplies he may need while he recovered.

What I love about our community of Ascension Parish is our ability to see the humility in people. We as a community truly care and show this to Droop when he is in need. With the help of Mark Taylor’s, Facebook Fan Page and the caring members of our community Droop over the years has received a new bike, t-shirts and even a snowball or two from some young kids who were passing by.

You may or may not see the man who rides his bike almost daily, collecting cans or just taking a tour of his beloved Ascension Parish. Never bothering a soul, just living his life in the simplest way, earning money on his daily bike adventures. But if you do see him, make sure you shoot a wave and a smile it will surely make his day.

Thank you, Mark Taylor, for continuing to help out Droop and further the page along over the years. I know you never wanted to make the Droop Facebook Page about you but you sure have made it something that everyone in Ascension Parish can smile about. Just another reason why these simple acts of kindness make me love the Parish of Ascension.

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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk-What Happens When You Apply For A Home Loan?


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Episode #13

I wanted to show the people of Ascension Parish the in’s and out’s of the loan process when buying a home. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that we never get to see. Even as a realtor, I was unaware how all their systems worked.

In today’s episode, I was able to go to GMFS lending again and meet the family of employees that work there. Ryan Larussa discusses the process a new home buyer goes through when he meets them for the first time and introduces his team of employees to us. We also meet other members of  GMFS Lending, Carol Gremillion discusses with us the reverse mortgage programs that GMFS has to offer, Aaron Taravella, Doug Bickley and Toby Arceneaux pop in to say “hello” to the Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Family. My daughter, Aubrey Smallhorn does the audio duties this week as she takes on her new role as “Your Real Estate Assistant”

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Looking For A Project To Do In Ascension Parish? Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #12


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Episode #12, SLIME!

This week I changed things up a bit since the Ascension Parish schools had let out just a day ago. The first days of summer are always the easiest. Kids are not bellowing yet “I’m bored” but as you know, Here in Ascension Parish we have some pretty crazy rainy days. Kids won’t be able to go to the neighborhood pool or play outside with their friends on those days. So this video will give you an inside project to do.



I know if you have young children you must have heard of this craze for making slime. It’s all over YouTube and if you are one of my facebook friends you know I have posted pictures of all these slime making supplies often. I have no clue what the appeal is for the kids of Ascension Parish but they love this stuff. I personally am not a lover of the slime but it doesn’t bother me either. To hear them laugh and giggle, turning themselves into mad scientists in the kitchen, it’s quite funny.

The ingredients,
Warm Water
Elmers Glue
Mixing Tools
Shaving Cream
Parental Supervision


The ingredients in these products are pretty safe when used with parental supervision. I have read some stories online of children being burned making slime but this has never happened with either of my children. If this concerns you, you may want to have your children wear gloves (still wash afterward properly).Make sure to keep the borax solution away from eyes, nose, mouth and ears. After making your slime be sure to wash your hands properly. My oldest daughter wanted to point out that if you have a cut or open sore you may want to wear gloves at those times as well so that the sores don’t burn or become infected.


Hopefully, The people of Ascension Parish don’t want to kill me for posting my kids recipe for slime. I just wanted to share something I know parents could do with their children on a rainy day when school is out. “Because YOU Matter”

If you’d like some more information on Ascension Parish homes that you and your kids can make slime in, you can always visit my website at

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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #10, Shake Ya Tails Crawfish!


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #10, Shake YA Tails Crawfish.

Two local boys have started a side business on the weekends selling Louisiana’s finest spillway crawfish. Brian Schexnaydre and his good buddy Danny Armond have taken their childhood passion of catching crawfish for small dinners to now bringing large sacks to sell to the people of Ascension Parish. All you have to do is call to order in advance. Brian and Danny share their way of boiling an amazingly delicious pot of crawfish, the right way in my opinion. They share their tips and tricks to how long to soak them and cool them off. I know from trying their recipe they come out PERFECT. Make sure to contact them in advance of the Mother’s day weekend to get your sacks ordered.

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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #9 Athletes In Motion, BLOG.


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #9 AIM GYM, Athletes In Motion
I know many of you in Ascension Parish have driven past the large white building on Airline Hwy with the big red letters that read ATHLETES IN MOTION. I also know that you probably were aware of their wonderful gymnastics program after seeing many photo posts on Facebook of little gymnasts, (in perfectly wrapped in a bun) hairdo’s with several medals wrapped around their necks. But many of you didn’t know they offer SO MUCH more!

pool camp.jpg

AIM offers a wide variety of activities for children including recreational gymnastics, competitive gymnastics, summer day camp, birthday parties, and specialty camps, AIM KIDZ, offers daycare and a before/after school program.

Summer Camp!

camp at aim.jpg


For ALL 10 weeks of the summer, they have a fantastic summer program. This is for children as young as 2 years old. The kids will not be in your ear all summer saying “ Mom, I’m bored ”.
Like Kayla the camp director said, “ We like them to go home tired ” and they really do. I know from personal experience of having my child there she always coming home from summer camp smiling and tired.


camp photo

They have a great pre-school child care program. The building is separate from the large gym in the front and has an open concept learning center. The kids are served breakfast, lunch, and snack so no need to pack anything for them, it is included.

Party Time

Two Saturdays a month Athletes in Motion will host a private party for your child. (Not during the summer months) No other parties are scheduled, so your private party is just that, PRIVATE. The kids will get to play in the gym at the KIDZ Corner and you as the parent get to see from the clear glass observing room from up above. It’s really neat to watch the kids bounce around and jump in the foam pit.

To Contact AIM
15074 Airline Hwy
Prairieville, LA 70769
Owner/ Manager: Michelle
Owner/Team Director: Shelley
Office Manager: Leigh
Billing: Karen
Summer & Holiday Camp Director, Field Trips: Kayla
Recreational Gymnastics Director: Chad

You have to go and see it inside, I didn’t feature all the separate rooms they use during the camp season. Call or Go in and a member of their staff will take you on a tour and get you set up for the upcoming 2017 camp season.

I tell you all this “Because YOU Matter”

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Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Episode #8, Sal Palmisano Ster-L-Kleen.


Ascension Parish Coffee Talk #8 “Ster-L-Kleen”!

This week’s show, Sal Palmisano will discuss his company Ster-L-Kleen. I believe to be one of the most important companies I’ve brought on the show. Mostly because so many homes have been affected in Ascension Parish by mold and moisture intrusion since the great flood of 2016. Unknown allergens have been floating in the air that could be keeping you sick. I know we in Ascension Parish have mold and we always will with this moisture-rich area but if there was a way to clean your air inside your home, wouldn’t you? Well, there is Ster-L-Kleen. Ster-L-Kleen has 2 different techniques that will make your home smelling fresh and your air a lot cleaner for nearly a year.

I know from personal experience in one of my Ascension Parish rental homes that this really does work. I had Ster-L-Kleen come out and do a shock treatment of Ozone and by the next day, you’d never known that the house had been closed up for nearly five years with no AC, mind you. So you can only imagine how that smelled with our wild weather here in Ascension Parish.
If you’d like a chance to win an ozone shock treatment for free you can like my Facebook Page and Ster-l-kleens as well.   Ster-L-Kleens Facebook Link & Your Real Estate Whisperer Facebook Link Do Forget to LIKE the Pages to win!

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Ascension Parish’s, Consign and Design!

Ascension Parish Coffee Talk Episode #5
Consign and Design! Watch it on YouTube, Consign & Design

This week’s show is about local business in Ascension Parish, Consign and Design, Located in Prairieville Louisiana off of Airline highway. (In the same Plaza as the Sunset smoothie and Little Ceasars Pizza)


The store is a super brightly lit space filled with pieces new and old. The owner Amy Trahan was kind enough to invite me to interview her about her unique concept for a consignment shop.

She features many other design items like chalk paint for refinishing old pieces of furniture. This type of chalk paint you can even use on fabric and it doesn’t need wax. Save yourself a step and try it out.


Looking for unique scented candles, Consign and Design has several different fragrances that match up with luxury laundry soaps.

The furnishings in the store change quickly since it is a consignment shop so make sure to stop in often, you don’t want to miss out and on your new favorite piece that may come in.

Looking for something completely different? She has custom builders that will take your idea and build you a piece straight from your imagination, not sure what you want? Ask Amy Trahan her design advice and work together to make your masterpiece.


All in all, this is a super cool store here in Ascension Parish, Just another business making Ascension Parish a wonderful place to live.

If you’d like more information on Cosign and Design, visit their website @ or follow them on Instagram @ atcosignanddesign.

On a side note, the piece that was featured in the video (the tree that was custom made) is no longer available, After my husband saw this video he fell in love with it and I bought it for him for his birthday. But don’t worry she will be getting similar pieces in soon.


If you’d like a home near Cosign and Design, visit my website

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