Top 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Ascension Parish Realtor When Listing Your Home.

Sellers in Ascension Parish can be nervous and/ or excited when listing their homes.  It’s no wonder many sellers have been disappointed with the sale of their home, and the disappointment might have been avoided if they had asked more key questions.  Below I’ve listed the top 5 that I believe will help you, the seller, in making the decision in selecting your realtor.

How’d Did You Come Up With That Price?


There are many ways that an agent comes up with a price. It’s not just the papers that say CMA (Cost Market Analysis). Time on the market, your neighbors next door, the condition of the home and how your exterior looks are all things that should be taken into consideration. The hard numbers are not the only way price should be established.

How Do You Plan To Market The Home?


If the Ascension Parish Realtor® that you are interviewing states that they plan to add a sign to your yard, put it on the MLS and hold a few open houses, then you may want to speak to some others.  In today’s market, it takes a lot more to get your listing in front of people.  If they don’t have a clear multi-faceted plan for marketing your home, or if you’re confused, it’s clearly time to seek another agent!  Don’t be fooled by old time marketing routines!  It just isn’t the way marketing works anymore, no matter how hot the seller’s market is currently.

What Are We Paying For?


You should really know where your money is going. You should also ask how much of the commission break down goes to the buyer’s agent.  A low commission split on the buyer’s agent side could make your listing sit a little longer.  It’s not supposed to be this way, I just know that it does happen.

Do You Have Any Reviews?


In years past, an Ascension Parish Realtor could easily hand you raving reviews of past clients leaving out the not so glowing reviews. Fast forward to current reviews online.  It’s very difficult to filter out the “bad” reviews.  I know, as a Realtor®, you can’t make every client happy, but if you recognize a negative pattern in online reviews or read the responses from agents, you will get a clearer picture of what the issue could have been.  I recently read a review of a brokerage and I was horrified of the response to the client!  It’s sitting out there on Google for the world to read, so definitely “Google” the Ascension Parish Realtor® and the brokerage before you make your final decision.

Many sellers like having their agent represent both sides, knowing they have one point of contact on the transaction of their home.  Some seller’s don’t like that idea at all.  Be sure to discuss this prior to signing any listing agreement.  You don’t want to be surprised after the fact or feel deceived in any way.

If you like to discuss with me about marketing your home here in Ascension Parish, please feel free to reach out to me @ 225-246-1812.  I look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have on listing your Ascension Parish home.

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