Ascension Parish Coffee Talk, Inspection Connection-Episode #11


The Home Inspection

Anytime you purchase a home in Ascension Parish or Anywhere in Louisiana. You have the right to inspection. There is no “Pass or Fail” grading to a home inspection. It just helps the buyers make a clear knowledgeable decision to what problems, if any may be wrong with the home. Some sellers have a pre-inspection done on the home to know of any unseen problems and make the repairs prior to listing. I’d still strongly advise getting your own inspector to look over the home when you have your inspection time. I’m listing some things you should know about the inspection period of a signed purchase agreement.

logo Frank .gifTime Frame-

Most purchase offers the state a ten day inspection period, but that, of course, that time frame can be negotiated. During this time the buyers have the right to have the home inspected at their expense. This means the can hire or not hire anyone to go over the home to detect problems that may not be known to the seller.

Who gets to inspect the home?-

Like I said before, anyone can inspect the home for the buyers. A licensed inspector holds more weight than let’s say your cousin who does home improvements for a living. The buyer can also have a structural engineer inspect the foundation, Have another inspector check for mold and another to take soil samples for various reasons. They can hire whomever they want during this ten day period to look over the home. These inspections are always approved by the sellers to allow the buyers to do this prior to the appointment. They can’t just show up during this time unannounced.

quality-control-1257235__340Do the sellers have to do all the items the inspectors find?

The best answer for this is NO! Inspectors can find major problems and not so major problems. An A/C not working properly is an issue for concern. Chipped paint from a weed wacker along the hardy board on the side of the house, not so major.

How long do the sellers and buyers have to respond to the request?

In the state of Louisiana, they have 72 hours after receipt of inspection request to respond to the repair request. This time frame is for the sellers to make calls and get quotes for the cost to them of the requested repairs. In turn, the buyers get 72 hours to respond to the seller’s response to the report. Meaning if the seller chooses to only half the repairs requested the buyer has the same amount of time to get quotes and make decisions to the items that were declined from repair.


Do I still have to buy the home if the seller doesn’t want to make repairs?

Unless stated in the agreement prior, the buyer does not have to buy the home if the seller is unwilling or incapable of making repairs. As long as the inspections were done within the time frame allotted for inspection.

Can the sellers negotiate the price if repairs aren’t going to be made?

Yes, The buyer can request instead of the seller making the repairs that either the sales price can be reduced or the buyer can receive closing costs. This part is something you can negotiate after you have determined the costs of the requested repairs.

Many things can and will happen during the inspection period. At a more recent inspection, I was in the kitchen as the inspector was checking a bathroom plumbing. As I sat, I began to felt water dripping on my head. I look up and the A/C drip pan was leaking from the ceiling. The inspection ended right there. The sellers had no idea that there was a problem but the buyers didn’t want the home when they saw this. The thought the sellers were trying to dump their problems on an unsuspecting buyer. This wasn’t the case but you can see how the buyers would feel like this.

It’s important for buyers to hire a professional inspector, this example was more obvious than other problems that could come up. If you are concerned about issues with your home prior to listing you may want to consider a pre-inspection. I tell you all of this “Because YOU Matter”

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