Take A Tip Tuesday- Not So Smart, Smart Products In Ascension Parish


Smart Products Are Not Always So SMART When Comes To Your Ascension Parish Home.

We are addicted to home products that will make our lives easier. Smart homes are trending here in Ascension Parish. People in the area have been rushing to stores to find the right “Smart” products to make their home not only easier for them to live in but also be more appealing to home buyers that are on the fence about a newer smart home over older technology.

Below, I’ve listed some products that really didn’t make the grade for being “Smart” for your Ascension Parish home.

I’m Not Forking Around.

Nice silverware is in most homes in Ascension Parish, but this product has got to be the dumbest idea yet. The smart fork!?!, Seriously, this thing supposedly monitors your eating habits, then lets you know that you’ve eaten too much. Click this link to preview this “not so smart” fork.

Paranoid About A Cheating Loved One?

A cheating significant other is no laughing matter, but to go to the lengths of buying a mattress that lets you know if he or she has been rolling around in your bed seems a bit too far. There are much better methods than making this kind of investment. If you are worried about your lover in Ascension Parish and want to look into how this mattress works, here’s the link.


Hate Cleaning Your Grill?

I mean we love our outdoor barbecues here in Ascension Parish. I think we spend more time outside our home than inside during LSU football season, so this product seems like a pretty stupid one to me, but you may have a need if you think cleaning your grill is a daunting task. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.

For the very vain in Ascension Parish, you can not only stare at yourself in the mirror, but you can also post all your magnificent features to all your social media accounts. To really feed your narcissistic tendencies, you need the “Selfie Mirror” – a product that really makes people fall more in love with themselves. I kid you not, it’s a real product http://selfiemirror.me/. I do know a couple of Ascension Parish residents that would love this for Christmas, If you were thinking me, I already have 3, so you can take it off the Christmas Gift idea list.

When The Sound Of The Flush Is Too Much.

Believe it or not, they have come out with a toilet that has Bluetooth technology, so you can really work with the acoustic sound of the space by piping in your favorite Justin Bieber tune via connection to your toilet. It’s not a cheap though. Kohler has one for $5,625.00. Not only is the price point just plain stupid for something that really should be an in and out kind of process, it goes way beyond dumb for most residents of Ascension Parish since we are a much more practical community. You don’t believe me about this? check out this link. https://goo.gl/rgWzwR.

I hope you get a kick out of these ridiculous “Smart” products. If you’d like more information on what “Smart” items would be to upgrade your home, please feel free to reach out to me. All of my contact information is listed below.

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