What to look for when buying a home.


When searching for a home many buyers have a wishlist of items they want. Whether it’s a beautiful kitchen or a spacious yard it’s always something they want that gets them to settle on the home of their dreams. Buyers can get caught up with the bell and whistles of the home and almost dismiss things that can be future problems for them. I’m listing a few things that buyers in Ascension Parish and anywhere you move should look for.

roof damage?

How old is that roof?

This can be one of the biggest expenses of a home. You should always check the property disclosure on how old the roof is and if it has documentation of when the roof was replaced.

How old is the A/C, and when was the last time is was serviced?

I have seen it time and time again. A seller has had an air conditioning unit for the last ten years with no issue but when asked when the last time the air conditioning was serviced they don’t have a response other than to say they have no issues with it. An air conditioning until should be serviced a minimum of once a year to keep it in good operational order making it last for several more years than one that hasn’t been serviced.

What about the foundation?

As you look outside the home I suggest you take a look at the brinks for cracks starting at the bottom and going up the sides of the house. Trees can cause cracks in a foundation and with our weather patterns so can settling. If you are unsure of a particular crack I recommend you hire a structural engineer to look at the slab and give you a detailed report. Typically a home inspector can see these cracks but can’t evaluate if the cracks are a structural problem for the home.

The water heater.

Of all the major components to a home this one is not so hard on your wallet. But an age of a water heater can make a difference in your utility bills. The newest tank-less water heaters are more expensive, but the initial cost outweighs the future expenses, and they have endless hot water which in my house with two girls is a big advantage.


With newer homes generally they are ventless fireplaces, but with older homes they can be gas or wood burning. If the chimney hasn’t been cleaned in some time it can cause a fire hazard. I would recommend that a seller have the chimney swept and cleaned prior to closing the home. I write that in all my inspection repair requests even if it’s not mentioned in the inspection report.

Always have a professional inspection done on your home so you are aware of any defects that need to be resolved. As a buyer I also strongly recommend getting a home warranty. This will protect your investment for the first year you are in the home. It won’t cover the roof or foundation – unless you add coverage to the policy – but it will protect you for the HVAC system and the hot water heater in the cost of any repairs that may be needed. Every area has specific items that should be checked before signing on the dotted line, so please check with your REALTOR® to know those key items.

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