Tankless Hot Water Heater Blues

Tankless Hot Water Heater Blues

I have a tankless hot water heater that I absolutely loved until the other evening when the temperature dropped into the 20’s. People up north are laughing at this I’m sure but here in Ascension Parish we don’t get this cold that often. With that being said my tankless water heater froze and I was panicked that it was going to explode. It didn’t, thank God but I was nervous for several hours.

For those of you that don’t know Ascension Parish is in the lower south area of the state of Louisiana and most new constructed homes with tankless water heaters have them mounted on outside of the home.

 I was told to wrap my pipes leading to the water heater and that should prevent it from freezing, which I did but it still froze for several hours and again the next evening. If anyone could tell me what I could do to make this not happen again during the next hard freeze please comment below. Any input would be appreciated to my clients and myself in the future.

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