Why You Don’t Always See A Sale Pending Sign.


It’s Take A Tip Tuesday, Do you Know Why you don’t see “Sale Pending Signs”? You may have driven up to a home recently only to find out the sale of the home is “pending”. What is a pending sale sign anyway? It just means the home has a contract that is waiting to close on the purchase. So why don’t realtors put the sale pending sign up? You want to know is the sale pending, right? The reason why most realtors don’t put the sale pending sign up is to capture possible leads in case the home sale falls through. There are many reasons why a pending home sale could fall through as an example, credit check comes back off from the application, the buyer has been let go of their job, one of the buyers on the loan has passed away or taxes were filed incorrectly, these are just some of the ways that a pending home sale could fall through. there are many other ways this was just an example. I know it can be frustrating for you as a possible buyer to be looking in a neighborhood and find the home of your dreams only to see the home with the for sale sign now has a pending contract. You may feel like the agents are just wasting their time not putting up the sign but we are trying to represent our sellers in the best way possible. If the pending sale sign goes up and the pending contract happens to fall through we have missed out on all those possible leads that could put in a contract or even a backup offer.

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