Secrets Sellers Need To Keep

I will start off by saying that I would never tell a seller to lie on any document but there are some secrets sellers should keep. These non-disclosed secrets in no way are being deceptive to the person purchasing the home but help the seller stay on even ground with the prospective buyers. Savvy sellers know to never expose these secrets and In this video, I will cover the secrets that sellers should keep, so you don’t sabotage your home sale with these home selling tips and get top dollar for your home.

Many buyers will ask the sellers “Why are you moving?” seems like a harmless question, right? When I represent the buyer I always ask it but If I represent the seller I’m tight-lipped with the response, Why? Because the answer can make the buyers perceive the sellers time frame as being more urgent causing them to make a lower offer. For instance, If the seller has to move because of a job transfer. The buyers know that the seller wants to get rid of the home they have for sale as quickly as possible so their offer will reflect that.

So what other responses would cause the buyer to feel like they have the upper hand in the deal that sellers should stay quiet about?

?“We just need to live in a quiet neighborhood”

If I buyer hears that from a seller their imaginations run wild to what that could possibly mean. Not only could you as a seller get lower offers because of it, but you may also lose out on offers altogether.

?“The Taxes and Insurance are killing us”

I can already see the alarm bells ringing overs buyers head when they hear this. If they do not perceive the cost of insurance and taxes as too high they already know you as a seller are eager to sell quickly to get out from under your mounting financial problems.

?“We hate our Neighbors”

Not all people are the same and If you dislike your neighbors the new possible buyers may be bosom buddies. Also, you may want to be careful in saying this for another reason. The buyers may also be related to some of your disliked neighbors. I live in a small town and this is not unheard of at all, you never know who you are talking to so be careful.

?“We just want a newer house”

When sellers say this a buyer begins to believe there is work that needs to be done to the home you are trying to selling or the home is outdated. They start to run a price tag of all the items they think haven’t been taking care of and make an offer with that in mind.

⚠️“We Just Don’t Feel Safe”

This is a perceived feeling for you as a seller. What you consider “safe” may be a step up for the new possible buyer. Let the buyers and buyers agent do there due diligence when researching the neighborhood. Crime statistics are public record and are posted on many websites, I included a report for my buyers in any home they are researching.

?And what is the biggest secret you should keep as a home seller?

“What’s your bottom line?” Never I Mean NEVER tell a buyer what your bottom line is. Not only will they know what you want to make they will also try to go just under that amount to sweeten the deal in their own minds. If you want top dollar for your home or even fair market price NEVER TELL THIS SECRET!!?

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