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It’s Take A Tip Tuesday! Do you know how to be a home buying detective? I have told you in previous videos that are ways for a home buyer to do their own due diligence when buying a home. But what does that really mean to you as a buyer buying a home in an area that you have had your eye on? In this video, I will be showing you how to be a home buying detective and find out all the things you need to know before you sign a purchase contract when buying a home.

??‍♂️Look at the tax records online! This is a great way to know how much the sellers purchased the home for. In Ascension Parish, you can even see how much they financed the house for. How is this helpful to you? If you know that they want $250,000 for there home and they only purchased they home 3 years earlier for $180,000 you know they have wiggle room to negotiate for less than the asking price. Knowledge is POWER!

??‍♂️Check the local sheriff’s website: A quick Google search and a few keystrokes away from knowing if there are any predators that live close by to the home you’re researching. Even if this isn’t a personal concern for you for many it is and one day you’ll want to sell the home you are thinking of buying and the next buyers may find this to be a very big issue causing your home to stay on the market for longer than you are expecting.

??‍♂️Call your local homeowner’s insurance company and ask for a CLUE report? Whats a CLUE report? This is a report that can tell a potential buyer how many insurance claims were made on the property for the past 5 years, the dates those claims were made, The type of loss, how much was paid to settle the claim or if the claim was denied this information can be extremely helpful in discovering hidden problems, before you sign on the dotted line

??‍♂️Ask The Sellers some Great Questions: I know that I have said in a past video what things a seller should keep tight-lipped about but no everyone is going to take my advice so ask them. “Why are you moving?” “What’s your bottom line?” “How quickly are you looking to move?” “How do you like your neighbors?” “Do you have any crimes or break-ins in the neighborhood” “Do you have receipts of all the repairs you have made in the past?”
Loose lips sink ships as one customer told me in the past. The home sellers answers could be a great way for you to feel out how stuck they are in their price and how quickly they are ready to fly the coupe.

??‍♂️Go to the home at peak hours: To really investigate a neighborhood and your possible future neighbors go to the house during the times when people are leaving and coming home from work. Is there a bunch of cars parked on the road blocking the streets up? Also, drive around and check the yards, Are they maintained? You’re not buying just this house you are also buying the neighborhood as well.

??‍♂️BONUS TIP!!! I have said it before but bears repeating again, Talk with the neighbors!! You will be surprised at the great tidbits of information they will give you about the home you are t

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